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In Conversation With Latisha Blowria | First Female From J & K To Win A Title At Ms. Fitness At National Level

Latisha Blowria, an artist by nature, an entrepreneur by profession, mother of a seven year old beautiful daughter strongly feels that there is magic everywhere, one just has to believe. Owner of Wicked Pastries, which brought the concept of designer deserts and cakes in J&K, Latisha is surely more than a baker.

A cake artist, yogini, mother, painter and the list goes on, Latisha finds her life in fitness. Latisha Blowria brings laurels to Jammu and Kashmir by bagging  1st Runners up position at  "Ms. Fitness India" organized by FSSA. This is the first time ever, any woman from J&K participated in such an eminent fitness competition at national level and won it too.

Gurnit Singh Dua ( Founder/ CEO - FSSA) has all the praises for this local girl who made the State so proud. Latisha, one of the favorite contenders of this competition is a akin to sunshine, spreading joy and happiness wherever she goes. A tough contender, strong willed but equally compassionate on the inside. She has a go getter attitude and once she sets her sight on something there is no stopping her. She was friendly and congenial with all the contestants and inspired many of them. Her guts, courage and determination are unmatched. i wish her all the best in all her future endeavors and i am certain Latisha is going to go places, inspire many and do things others only think of doing. says Gurnit.

Jammu Links News had the privilege to get to know this beautiful human being for whom a martini of fitness and dance will make her life beautiful.
Hello ! I would like to congratulate you on shining at FSSA Ms. Fitness India 2015 and bringing laurels to Jammu and Kashmir on behalf of the Jammu Links News family and our readers.

Thank You very much

How does it feel to be recognized in the fitness field, which people often relate to only on how one looks. BTW you look beautiful but fitness is surely your state of mind too….
It feels really great to be recognized for the handwork put in not only by me but all those who supported me and my passion. Fitness is my oxygen and nothing can take its place. I think that looks are not everything, it is important to understand that fitness is not restricted only to gyms, exercises and diet. Its about movement, action, activity, sports, spirituality, Life!!  Its a never ending journey and the interesting bit is that we meet some really amazing and enthusiastic personalities along the way.   

Share your fitness journey
I have been an adventurer and also into sports most of my life.I stepped back into the world of fitness again, once my daughter turned 5 yrs -  year 2013. I've had my own setbacks starting from a severe back injury, knee injury , feeling very tired and lethargic, losing it all to getting it all back together.  Truth hits you hard when you look at something you love dearly and cannot have it anymore. In my case it was the mountains and my bike - I looked at them as though they were UFO from some other planet. I was determined to change all that and get back to what I was.

I started training myself at home to get fit. After I reached a "good enough" fitness level, I started looking out for a trainer. This is when I met "Amit Dubey" from "Trance - Dance and Fitness Academy" and started training with him. Progressed and I realized that my interest had moved from simple workouts to yoga and tougher exercises. I started looking out for fitness competitions and soon enough was informed about the "FSSA Ms. Fitness India 2015" by Amit. It was being held in Delhi by the Founder and CEO of "FSSA" - Gurnit Singh Dua and his team. So I registered immediately and went for it. 

"Latisha is a bundle of channelized energy with clear fitness goals. She is a good example of a fitness passionate individual and a trendsetter for the next generation fitness culture. Latisha is a dedicated learner and manages her fitness priorities superbly. With her healthy lifestyle habits and strong will to improve, she is bound to achieve a supreme fitness level and salubrious life."says Amit Dubey (Owner- Trance Dance and Fitness Academy) 

How was the experience in the same?
The event was a perfect blend of fitness and glamour. Obviously every competitor had goosebumps and were fighting "butterflies - the size of elephants fluttering about in their tummy", but once we all got introduced to each other and the games began - everyone became calm/ relaxed and felt right at home.

We got introduced to "Niti Luthra", the official grooming partner. The participants came from  various places ( Aurangabad, Delhi, Amritsar, Pune, Mumbai, Jharkhand, Bhopal, Bangalore and J&K), various professions and various age groups. We were to be judged on numerous fitness parameters such as  sit-ups , push-ups, plank hold, bench press, deadlifts, flexibility, stage presence, interaction, body proportion etc.

The event was very professionally organised. They were rightly strict about the dress code and conduct.  Seriousness of this event became even more evident by the presence of The members of the Jury; eminent personalities from the fitness and glamour industry -  Yashmeen Manak, Shabnam Paul, Jaspreet  Singh, Samiksha Sachdeva and Akshay Chopra. We also got a chance to meet and get insights from owners or associates of official partners to event including "Inglot" , “OMG”. Meeting with Jyothsana Venkatesh, the jewellery designer and Akhil Raj Banga, a budding new artist and music producer Akhil Raj Banga. was altogether an enlightening experience. The competition was a grand success and every participant came out happier, self-assured, fitter and full of knowledge and confidence. When we see participants putting in so much effort, their professions ranging from students, housewives, professionals, trainers, artists, athletes, it feels good. I am lucky to be a part of it and  have so many friends in what i believe the most - "FITNESS" 

Are you preparing for some other competitions as well?

This journey has only begun. I intend to enter into more competitions and learn from each one of them. "Life has a lot in store and i am ready to explore"
What is your daily routine like? How many hours do you spend at the gym?
I usually start my day reading a few pages from a book that interests me a lot. Follow it up with some morning stretches and yoga. I prefer to workout in the mornings and if i happen to miss it then i do it in the evening. I believe that one should not be misled by the number of hours one puts in the gym, but be inspired by the time they put in and the results they obtain.
You are currently the only female from J&K competing at the national competitions. What do you think is the reason that there are no other woman from our state doing the same?

This is a tricky one to answer. I am an army officers daughter, we represent India. Since I have lived most of my life in various cities in India - mostly dominated by Bangalore and Pune, I have to say that women from all over the country are a bit shy to come out and see how strong (mentally and physically) they really are. We cannot really hold the society responsible for this because "You and I make the society". I think it is lack of education in the field of fitness and sports overall. If the infrastructure and education matches up to the talent and the handwork athletes are willing to put in -  India will see a whole new generation of extremely successful sports and fitness personalities.

Who has been your greatest support so far and how?

My parents, my family and friends, my trainers. I would be nowhere without them and their support. Its their constant faith in me and my efforts, their unshakable belief in my passion and their way of encouraging me to do and achieve much more.
What do you intend to do in the future in fitness field?

-To be the best i can be and to achieve it in the most positive way. 
-To inspire, motivate and help women and children come out of their shell. 
-To spread positivism, joy and sparkles everywhere.
What would you like to say to all the dreamers out there who want to achieve something in this field?

Fitness is a way of life. It is not a compulsion but it should be a priority. 
We have one life, one body and  one soul -  we must learn to respect it.
Everyone in the society should be a role model because everyone is good at something or the other. Communities are built on trust and positivism. When you encounter obstacles, instead of focusing on the obstacle find a way around it by keeping the goal in mind. It is a mindset of courage which makes it easier to pursue success. 

The goal is to be "FIT - MIND, BODY & SOUL "

Cheers to a healthy lifestyle!

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