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Ladakh won Terra Award at World Earth Congress

KARGIL, JULY 19: SECMOL, a Non Government Organisation won the Terra Award at the 12th World Congress on Earthen Architecture in Lyon France.

9 winners were announced out of the 40 finalists selected from 250+ contestants coming from all continents of the world. Secmol is an organisation started by a group of youths in Lakadh for the Development of Education in Ladakh and now slowly progressing towards environmental issues and encourages judicious use of Natural Resources in daily life. At the award ceremony in France the big building at SECMOL Campus won the Terra award among the finalists.

Another entry from Ladakh, the Soso House near Leh which is very modern (rather post-modern) in functionality yet very traditional in spirit, won the "Jury's Distinction" award. The building is passive solar heated and built with contemporary rammed earth. The Soso house was built by the Third Pole Enterprise, a group of young Ladakhi builder entrepreneurs, who were trained at SECMOL in order to disseminate the experience of Secmol Campus of the last 25 years.

Sonam Wangchuk Founder Secmol told our Correspondent Anayat Ali that the house stays at an average +18C throughout Ladakhi winters. Inside the house it's a blend of tradition and modernity. The walls are kept as they came out of the form work no plaster, no paints, so no toxins, and no hassles just raw and rustic beauty.

Nowadays Secmol Campus also organizes international courses where one can learn Ladakh Architecture and earth science as well as passive solar heating. It might be mentioned here that the SECMOL Campus has been accorded the UNESCO Chair for Earthen Architecture- Constructive Cultures and Sustainable Development in 2014.

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